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Interview with Krishna Das : Alec Story speaks with devotional yogic chanter and Grammy nominee, Krishna Das, about ultimate reality, the meaning of his lyrics and finding happiness | "You really can’t look anywhere else for happiness… you have to be yourself, you have to see your own reality and embrace it and really not try to not get lost in stuff, trying to find happiness outside of yourself."

Science and Non-Duality : Conscious Variety editor, Ben Berry, discusses his experience at this years Science and Non-Duality Conference | "Combining the terms “Science and Nonduality” likely turns more than a few heads: On one hand, the heads of neo-spiritual acolytes likely turn in excitement and praise the emergence of a new world paradigm; and on the other, the heads of conservative-minded scientists likely turn away in mild dismissal."

An interview with spiritual teacher Gangaji : Gangaji sat down with Conscious Variety editor, Kathryn Solie, to discuss diversity in spiritual communities, the experience of Oneness and being with fear | “I don’t see the fear as the blockage, it’s what we do with the fear… Fear is something you’re turning away from. Just be open and don’t turn away from the fear. Then it’s not fear. It’s also an excitement, it’s a risk. And that’s living.”

Working to Be Me (Even at Work) : In this personal narrative by Ricky Strickler he speaks about the common experience of having multiple selves to play different roles and how to integrate them | "Despite whatever efforts we might make, all of our seemingly separate identities are intimately connected as part of a larger whole."

Why Does It Hurt So Much? : Andrew White details a much overlooked phenomenon in mindfulness practice | "But mindfulness has another side to it... we start to notice the energies and feelings that are present and which may have lain buried and undisturbed there, sometimes for years."

Poetry by Samuel Barnes : A selection of beautiful poems by Samuel Barnes to help us remember what we already know | "There are places in my heart that words cannot reach. Down deep. In those places lies treasure, long buried, jewels my ancestors knew how to keep"


An interview with Zen Master Bernie Glassman | “As Martin Luther King said, ‘I think it’s important to keep an eye on the prize’, and the prize is the experience of the one-ness of life."

Conscious Variety editors Kathryn Solie and Alec Story talk with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche | "Everybody, all of us, have a certain amount of love. We all feel love. We all have love in our hearts, we all have kindness in our hearts."

Ben Berry dialogues with John Prendergast on "waking down" or, how self-awakening interfaces with our bodies and our society | "If you go deeply, deeply into pure sensation, it all opens up. It's just all space, radiant space. You are getting a feel for it as I talk about it. So the body is not what we think, at all. We are not what we think, this is not what we think, and the body is not what we think. As this discovery unfolds, it transposes directly to our experience of the world."

Ben Berry sits down with "Headless Way" teacher Richard Lang and discusses an almost absurdly simple means of seeing our true nature | "I don't know much about enlightenment. But if this isn't it, then it should be."

Muslim hip-hop artist and activist, Brother Ali sits down with Conscious Variety to discuss gratitude, God, his conversion, and his experience of performing | “What happens in the world is a reflection of what’s happening inside me. And so, if I’m noticing ugliness in the world, then that is a reflection of some ugliness that’s going on inside me.”

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Things Left Unsaid : In this personal narrative by Theodore Browning Lemann we are reminded that we are not alone in being forced to represent the umbrella of mindfulness and "new-age spirituality" | "What do you mean resting the mind?" Uh oh. These situations give me good insight into how full of shit I am. 

Non-Dualistic Awareness : An introduction to nonduality with Robert Blond. | "Imagine being here and truly enjoying every moment of your present experience: not second guessing yourself, being able to take more risks, loving more, and seeing life as constant adventure with new experiences always occurring."

Spiritual Awakening in Slow Motion : Georgi Y. Johnson, gives light to the process of Awakening | "They talk about this “awakening” in the past tense, as an event that shook their belief systems, and they take it on as being a milestone in their spiritual development: “Before I was awakened, after I was awakened, when I had MY awakening.” Yet they are not in “it”

Diversity in Non-Duality : Conscious Variety editor, Kathryn Solie, asks us to examine our ideas about what an awake person looks like. | "Awakening is not based on race, gender, sexual-orientation or anything exterior. It is that spacious awareness that rests underneath all of the identities."


Blessings in Disguise : Tim Eyes gives a practical introduction to the benefits of practice. | "The dominant, perhaps ‘worldly’ view would be that our enjoyment is dependent on conditions. ‘I can indeed be very happy, if I have some ice cream.’ Of course, we aren’t even that easy to satisfy. We want our favorite flavor, plenty of it. And then when we run out or eat too much, we are very unhappy."

Response to Gender in Non-Duality : Conscious Variety editor, Ben Berry, responds to a common explanations that many spiritual practitioners give when faced with the lack of diversity in non-dual communities. | "And a non-dual teacher may say that there is no student and teacher, no question and no answer - but all wisdom aside, the person saying that is likely a man. And being a man means that you don't have to think about it."

Avoidance Squared: The Trap of Community : Alex Musat describes how unconsciousness loves company, using tricky tactics to stay hidden and guarded. | "While parts of you want to evolve, others resist this process. You unknowingly collude with the parts of you that want nothing to do with being more purposeful, influential, and free."

Spiritual Teachers & Sex Scandals: What's Really Going On? Keith Martin-Smith discusses the issue of sex scandals within spiritual communities with Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi "When your spiritual insight is deep enough, it is no longer possible to act in a purely selfish way."

Blessings in Disguise (Part 3) : In the final part of this three part series Tim Eyes outlines the practice of feeding your demons | "Basically it is finding a feeling in yourself that you haven’t let go of, whether it is a physical pain, tension, fear, sadness, illness, obsession, craving, and so on."


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