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artwork by beautifulurself

artwork by beautifulurself

We are three friends - Alec, Ben, and Kathryn. We are all in our mid-twenties, all graduates from Naropa University and we have all been studying non-dual teachings for the majority of our adult lives. We started this magazine after Alec had a dream where he swam to the bottom of the ocean and found a giant black pearl within an oyster. The magazine in its present form was created through countless cups of yerba mate and gluten-free sandwiches at a shire-like deli in Boulder, CO.


Alec is an actor, musician, meditation instructor, and loves to dance. He believes that we are here to experience the illusion of a separate self so that we can understand and appreciate our natural state of oneness, joy and grace through contrast. He has been practicing meditation techniques from Kriya Yoga and Sufism for seven years, as well as driving meditation, which consists of driving fast with the music blaring. He has two cats, makes his own kombucha, and lives in the mountains west of Denver, CO.

Ben is a jazz bassist, a professional chocolate lover, and a writer. He is in love with softening into greater complexity and interpenetration with direct experience. He experienced several instances of awakening early in life which re-centered his identity and also broke his heart, and he has been negotiating the world from this perspective ever since. From Philadelphia, Ben now lives in the San Francisco bay area.

Kathryn is a visual artist painting in a minimalist style with inspiration from the Tantric paintings of Rajasthan. She has been studying non-duality and kriya yoga since she was eighteen. She is passionate about gender equality in non-dual communities and aims to bring this conversation to a more prominent position through her role in Conscious Variety. Born in New York City, raised in Connecticut and currently located in Boulder, CO.


The reason we started Conscious Variety was to get the message of non-duality out to more people and to get fresh and balanced information to people who are already a part of these communities. We want to emphasize the balance between waking down and waking up and focus the attention off of “enlightenment” as the most important part of a spiritual path. Although realization is necessary, we want to highlight the importance of psychological work and grounding spiritual wisdom into the physical.  We want to explore what post-awakening looks like, always finding where the new ground is and talking about it.

In this months since launching, Conscious Variety has posted interviews with amazing teachers, and published articles on themes that we feel should be focused in on more.

This spring, we want to continue our trajectory of insightfully practical articles, and introduce a new recurring CV SANGHA that features practitioners from all over the world, all traditions, and all levels of experience, answering the same three questions that we feel are the core of spiritual life.

They are:

  • What does awakening mean to you, personally?

  • So you experience a taste of awakening. How does this affect the way you relate with, and in, the world?

  • Awakening isn’t always easy. How has awakening challenged you, and how does that feel?

We invite you, whoever you are, to consider these three questions, and send us your answers. If you are able to, please include a clear, hi-res photo of you looking straight at the camera. We want to make eye contact with you!


We look forward to publishing your responses, and we appreciate your continued support.


We are dedicated to our mission of helping to awaken the collective consciousness.
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