[all palaces are temporary palaces]

by Hannah Spector

[all palaces
are temporary palaces]

all affection of hands
is temporary affection of hands

all doors
are temporary doors

all bicycle spokes
are temporary bicycle spokes

all men drumming
are temporary men drumming

all fire
is temporary fire

all fear of spiders
is a temporary fear of spiders

all tires
are temporary tires

all distress at sea
is temporary distress at sea

all yellow in the water
is temporary yellow in the water

all ‘hellos’ hung in the air
are temporary ‘hellos’ hung in the air

all spare tires
are temporary spare tires

all fingers stopping holes
are temporary fingers stopping holes

all buildings on fire
are temporary buildings on fire

all vibrations on strings
are temporary vibrations on strings

all reclining
is temporary reclining

all flat tires
are temporary flat tires

all planets
are temporary planets

all feelings
are temporary feelings


all phrases
are temporarily phrased.

Artwork on homepage by Staci Dickerson.

Artwork on homepage by Staci Dickerson.

1. hannah spector was born in florida 
2. hannah spector currently resides in a corner of dc
3. hannah spector gravitates towards buildings with:
   a. lustful objects
   b. strange pictures
4. hannah spector wants her ashes scattered in the jardin de luxembourg
   a. for the pigeons
   b. for the bottom of knowing feet

[email her for more of her work or to chat. and tune into hannah’s radio show—various materials on gwradio.com, wednesday 12-1 pm]  

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