A Field

Artwork by Elizabeth Smarz

Artwork by Elizabeth Smarz

by Natasha Irene

This heart longs for the biggest field imaginable.

One where there is no
to be the exact same
each day.

This heart needs a field
not limited
by the grassy green

It requests that we sink
down into the Core
all the way
to the Red hot Source.

It desires to expand so high
past the outer rims of Earth
as we know it
becoming astronauts,
space explorers.

These fierce legs
run with my Heart
far beyond the white lines
painted at the border
of Knowability.

If I were to stop there
the abruptness would surely
tear the muscles.

I can't stop
I can't.

I ask You

Will You run with me
across the perimeters
of the Earth?

Exploring the field
in every unique
of each Land
it touches.

I hope

You will dance
in a Field
with me

As Big
as THIS.


A renaissance woman of the quirkiest kind, Natasha thrives on experimentation. She has danced through conflicting, polar worlds with a kind and spontaneous presence. Many a places have been blessed by her whacky femininity. These days she is harnessing her creativity as a gift and service. Her role is to inspire passionate consciousness and personal/societal transformation. She has begun an investigation of transmitting the Earth's needs through creative expression. You can find upcoming articles written by her at Foresteyez.wordpress.com and Facebook.com/NatashaITerry.


Artwork on homepage © Elizabeth Smarz


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