My god you were a beautiful moment

By Seth Dennis


My god you were a beautiful moment.

You died so full of love I know you are impermanent

So am I that we both are in movement, meeting eyes from the window of opposing trains.

That moment is gone never to return and neither are we.

I know we will meet again, in many new forms in many new moments.

I know you've never really left me.

But here, where I am in this form so full of sorrow I can look out through the lonely vacancy I've given your name and see you still through clear eyes of my heart.

It's here somehow that across this vast separating ocean of impermanence and death I reach you just long enough just long enough to smile and catch your glance

So that you know my god... you were a beautiful moment.


Artwork on homepage by Wewer Keohane

Artwork on homepage by Wewer Keohane

 Seth Dennis is a 25 year old poet from North Texas. A student of various masters of the mystical traditions throughout his world travels, he currently teaches martial arts and meditation in his community and continues work on his next collection of poems and spiritual anecdotes.





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