The Light on Your Hand

Artwork by Staci Dickerson

Artwork by Staci Dickerson

By Sujee Park


I've been thinking about connection-
this path of regeneration.
In our need we forget to breathe, and listen
to the quiet symphony
of release.
For we do not know what we are to
the other,
or how we have helped
our sisters and brothers...
through lifetimes of love-
we've danced
and now we meet again
to greet these waves;

Separateness is an illusion
creating the distance in-between
-the white space-
Rearrange my mind and I unfold again.
I'm found...each tear
I'm loved...each breath
I'm dissolved...each caress
And like a stone, I'm ever changing
under the waves,
turning into sand until I find my way


  Artwork on homepage by Staci Dickerson


Artwork on homepage
by Staci Dickerson

Sujee is a student of ecology, mathematics, astrology, human design, health, and most humbly of love.  She finds emotional peace with herself through writing and composing music. Love!

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