A Zen master told me once

Artwork by beautifulurself

by Seth Dennis

A Zen master told me once 
Mine is the path of pain.
Some do not understand
When I tell them that this is
because I choose to love.

I love so deeply
I fall in love with you as the mist
you as morning
slipping through my grasp.

I will meet you everyday
In everything
but never again like this.
Never again with these eyes
never again with this voice

you whom have met me
and embraced me
laughed and cried
and talked of starlight with me
in this burning house
this shifting plane
a brief coalescence
having aligned just this moment
just this beautiful way
to allow us to know and love another
as these golems, in these forms.

Each moment is a crossing
an alignment beyond my control
And my heart lies broken
in the wisdom that someday
I will have only my heart to hear you

we are caught up in the flow
you and I were hurled into this
song of illusion,
of birth and death
of loving so much, so much
a gift which was never ours to keep

the true gift all along
is in the collision between us.


Artwork on the homepage © beautifulurself

Seth Dennis is a 25 year old poet from North Texas. A student of various masters of the mystical traditions throughout his world travels, he currently teaches martial arts and meditation in his community and continues work on his next collection of poems and spiritual anecdotes.

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