Non-dualistic Awareness

Artwork by Kathryn Solie

Artwork by Kathryn Solie

By Robert Blond


Non-dualistic awareness is a wonderful place to be within consciousness. It takes in the principals of all the deeper esoteric studies and allows you to see this world more from your inner perspective while being fully in the physical.

To imagine this within yourself, see yourself as being in this world without judgment, without the idea of right or wrong, or Karma. Imagine being here and truly enjoying every moment of your present experience: not second guessing yourself, being able to take more risks, loving more, and seeing life as constant adventure with new experiences always occurring.

This place within awareness has been spoken by all the great ‘Masters’ of the past and the present. In Christianity it is “Being in the world but not of it,” in Buddhism it is “Walking the razors edge,” and in current psychology it would be coming from the perspective of the “observer” or “witness” within yourself. This is the place within you that exists before any thoughts, judgments, or actions. It is also a place where you suspend thinking for awhile and just be present with whatIs. From more of a “theatrical slant,” it would be that place where you are the director of your own stage of life, giving the “actors” in your play their scripts, knowing all along that you are creating this magnificent play, a drama you’re putting on without belief in the reality of the drama, of which you used to get caught up into within the past. You realize you are the director, the actors and even the stage in which you have set up for your experience as a Creator within this world.

Other qualities that you become aware of are that you truly create every moment of your life, every second of it. You begin to let go of the ideas of the past as far as who and what you are, and just notice that the future is only a place of potential creativity, for you are aware that you only ever have just the now moment of your existence. You have this ability within you.

What this does is also allow you to view the world from multiple levels of consciousness. You can be having some difficulty in a situation with your thinking mind or unconscious mind, and at the same time know who you really are, watching yourself go through your own “drama.” Naturally in being aware of your own dramas takes a lot of the sting out of the drama itself, making it easier to shift or transform.

The most efficient way to develop the ability to experience reality from a place of ownership, from the non-dual perspective, is to learn how to slow down the thinking mind through meditation, mindfulness practices, and concentration techniques. It’s all a matter of concentrating the mind with enough stillness that more of the true nature of yourSelf can be experienced.

Robert Blond

artwork on the homepage by Kathryn Solie

Robert has been teaching classes on Metaphysics, Mysticism, and Self-Awareness for 35 years. He offers classes throughout the Front Range in Colorado, and teaches long-term course (up to 4 years) in the Denver area. To learn more about Robert, visit



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